About Me

I'm Danielle.
I'm 22!
I live in Derby, England.


I'm a total walking disaster with a crazy irrational obsession with nail polishes and nail art, TV programmes (i.e. Chuck, Castle, Rookie Blue, Suits, Greys, Orphan Black, etc.), Disney characters, and anything I find quirky. 

I finally finished my university course in May, 2014, I studied Education Studies and Psychology and hated every minute of the 3 year course; but I stuck it out and passed. I have no idea what I want to do now though, but I do know that I want to learn photography basics.
Edit: I've decided to try and do my teacher training degree in 2017! :)

One day I will branch out on my blog; I'd love to start new segments, including a new 'A Shi...pload of Me', on both my blog and a new YouTube channel (which I'm crapping myself about, I want to do videos, but I've always been shy and it's taking me a long time to psych myself up to posting my first one-I handle criticism and brush off negative comments, but I've never liked talking in front of people).

I spend a lot of time on social media, so if you want to talk or contact me, please do so! :) I'm mostly on twitter; DSLMS or A Shi...pload of Me

I hope you like my blog, it was really just to share my love for nail polishes and nail art, but as of October, 2014 other things may appear too! 
I'm fine with criticism, it doesn't bother me so criticise away-it all helps me to get better. Nobody's perfect. 

Thanks for visiting!
- Danielle :) xx


I often have to retake photos because they get photobombed by my silly babies!


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