Monday, 22 June 2015

A Shi...pload of Me: The Love/Hate Tag

Hey Guys! (:

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Farihah at Cutie  Pie Frizzy, to do the 10 Things I Love/ Hate Tag, and I'm finally getting my post written up!
Yes, i'm on a total tag hype atm, I love answering these questions, and since i'm generally signing up for these tags in the UK bloggers group, I'm getting to find new blogs too!
Here's my 10 things that I love, and 10 things that I hate, plus the 10 lovely people that I tag.
The rules to the Love/Hate tag are simple: The tagged person must share a total of 20 things; 10 things that they love, and 10 things that they hate, and then nominate another 10 people to complete the tag. It's a great way to get to know other bloggers, and for others to get to know you.

I actually found this pretty difficult, as it took me a while to narrow down my lists!

10 Things That I Love:

1. Learning new things - especially when there's no evaluation. 

2. My niece and nephew - gorgeous little beings they are!

3. Being charitable - whenever possible, and seeing others be charitable too!

4. Travelling - I love finding new places, travelling to different places, and learning about cultures.

5. Family time - It's great to spend extra time with the family, most of the time ;)

6. Reading - I never have time to do so lately, but I love getting lost in a good book.

7. Fruit - I can never be bothered to prepare it, but it is my favourite food, so I should make time, because I love it!

8. Silence - I have an over heightened sense of hearing, which sucks, so I like silence

9. Animals - They're all adorable and so clever, they all have their own personalities and quirks!

10. Loyalty - Love people that are there for you whatever! 

10 Things That I Hate:

1. Rude people - Why do people feel the need to be rude and degrading? It doesn't take anything to use manners, and treat people with respect.

2. Having a lack of motivation - I need to become fitter, study more, and find a new job, and I just cba.

3. Deep water - I have a real phobia of deep water, which is weird because I used to be a water baby, and loved swimming.

4. Really bad grammar, and spelling - Please double check these things.

5. Being the center of attention - I've always hated this!

6. Unorganised mess - I hate things that aren't organised, which is crazy cause my mum doesn't know how to organise anything-there's stuff everywhere.

7. Losing contact with people - I've lost so many friends as I've grown up, and left school, college, university, and jobs-as people move away, get jobs, and lives-it's sad, and i'm ashamed to say I never made the effort.

8. Being clumsy - I'm so clumsy it's unreal, i'm always finding cuts and bruises I haven't a clue where they've come from.

9. Insects - WHY? Just why? :(

10. Driving - It wouldn't be as bad if there were no other drivers on the road. People's lack of indication, keeping to the speed limit, etc. really gives me road rage!

10 People I Tag:

1. Sarah at Sarah in Wonderland

2. Charlotte at Black and White Sheeps

3. Samantha at Coco Butter Blog

4. Lydia at Electric Suede

7. Melanie at Sweet Nothings

8. Natalie at Natalee in the City

9. Alex at Lamb and Bear

10. Elisa at Zekalin

11. Lena at Foray into Fashion

12. Charley at Charley Mulaney

Let me know when you've completed your tag!
- Danielle xx
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