Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Shi...pload of Me: The Netflix Tag

Hey Loves!
I saw this floating around and wanted to participate!
Thank you to Rachel at Stressed Rach for tagging me! :)

So I haven't actually had Netflix for an awful long time as I have most of my favourite shows on boxset, and I have Amazon Prime so I didn't think I needed it. But then we got a Smart TV downstairs and I wanted it in case I got stuck waiting in my car at some point and could watch things on my phone! I do love my tv shows, too bad all my faves have pretty much ended and I just can't seem to get into many new ones at the moment!
I am paying for the 2 screens one, I think I pay £6.99 a month-but I have it in case my mum or my niece want to watch something in the lounge whilst I'm watching in my bedroom.

All Time Favourite
Oooo, I have more than one-but they were all my favourites before I started paying for Netflix-as like I said, i've not had it long!
First on my list is Chuck, this is a great show and was totally underrated during its time on air. There were a lot of Save Chuck campaigns to keep this on air and was the reason I joined social media. It's about a computer nerd that ends up learning government secrets. It's a action comedy, involving romance and drama.
Another favourite on Netflix is Orphan Black, I freaking love this show and it just keeps getting better! It's about one woman who witnesses an identical lookalikes death, and ends up assuming her identity, resulting in her finding out a lot of secrets and truths about her life.
There are lots more, but let's not go there, haha.

Current Addiction

Once Upon a Time, I watched this when it first aired as it seemed like my type of show-I was obsessed with Charmed and Buffy as a kid-and I loved it for the first two seasons, which I own the dvds for. After the 2nd season, I fell out of love with it and i'm now just getting back into it! I love that it gets uploaded as it airs-gotta wait for the next season now though. 
I'm also loving Prison Break at the mo and watch it when I have a bit of free time-I do have to pay to it though as there's a lot of details, i've not long finished my rewatch-bought the box set-but now i'm rewatching it on Netflix again because I love it so much. The plot and storyline are really gripping!

I'd like to see some more of the newer films on it, i've found that a lot of films have gone to 'cheap enough to buy' price before they hit Netflix, and by that time, i've probably already seen them.
Rookie Blue, and Castle-preferably as they are aired in America/Canada so I can watch them legally-the last 2 years I bought the season pass to Castle on iTunes to get it the day/day after it aired over there but this year they haven't done it :(
Being Erica-I loved this show and want to rewatch.
Divergent, and Insurgent-I love Divergent and want to see the sequel.

Pet Peeve
I hate it when they remove a series before I've started to watch it or when i'm in the middle of watching it, like why would you do that to me? I also hate when they have active series on there but they upload when they season has finished-like, please keep me up to date so I don't have to resort back to watching *cough*il*cough*legally.

Marathon Essentials
A comfy seat, a nice cold drink, a good snack, comfy clothes, and a quiet house (my mum is always trying to talk to me when i'm mid episode, and I can't pause it quick enough, so then I have to get up and find the place I was at before she started talking!) 

What's On Your Watch List?
I always end up watching things i've already seen or own, but there are a lot of things in my Netflix watch list, including;
The Tomorrow People
90210 - I got so far behind on this, so want to rewatch
Pretty Little Liars - I do have 1-4 on dvd, but i'll probably watch in here, I keep getting behind on it, cause it's one of those shows I have to be in the mood for
Breaking Bad
White Collar
Fast & Furious 6
Person of Interest

You Should Watch....
Orphan Black - It's so good and Tatiana Maslany is amazing! Does get a bit confusing, but keep watching and you'll get it!
Suits - I love the characters and storylines of this show
Chuck - I got into this in its' 2nd season, and it's been one of my most watched ever since; I participated in Save Chuck campaigns as a teen to keep it going, and we got it an end-albeit a bad one-but the first 4 seasons are great!
Once Upon a Time - I loved the first 2 seasons, got bored, back in to it and i'm currently loving it again!
Prison Break - So I do own the complete box set of this, but heyho, I don't have to do as much to put Netflix on as I do to put a dvd in! ha

I Now Tag:

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Rachael at Broomfie

Amanda at Amanda Bootes

Laura at Laura Knows Life Style

Becki at Being Becki
And anyone else that wants to participate!

Let me know in the comments if you fill it out! - Danielle x
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