Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Purple Haze'd Bubbles

Hey there you gorgeous people!
So this has been in my vault since waaaaaaay back in January, I know, I'm terrible. I've got a load of pictures edited but I've just been way too lazy to write up the blog posts to go along with them. I do remember getting a lot of compliments on these whilst working though, but as you can probably tell, I didn't take the photos until after a day of work-you can see the wear and tear on the tips.

I started with 3 thin coats of Dollish Polish's 'Purple Haze' which I got from her etsy clearance bin, I actually really liked this despite the purpleness. I love the golden flakies in the base and the shade. It did take at least three coats for full opacity, the application was non-streaky and dried pretty quickly, as the majority of these pics were taken after a day of work, you can see the wear on it. The colour is such a nice shade for winter/ spring!
(Inside With Flash)
 (Inside Without Flash)

One coat of Sally Hansen 'Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat' - £1.50 from Fragrance Direct
- Three coats of Dollish Polish 'Purple Haze' - $5 from Dollish Polish
- Stamping with MoYou Nails 'White Polish' - £4.99 from MoYou Nails
- Stamping plate; Vivid Lacquer 'VL024' - £5 from Vivid Lacquer
- One coat of Glisten and Glow (HK Girl) 'Fast Drying a Super Shiny Clear Topcoat' - £6.55 from Rainbow Connection  

I then used Vivid Lacquer's plate to stamp on the outline of some bubbles, these stamped crisply and neatly and I absolutely loved them over the top of Purple Haze. VL plates remain my favourite stamping plates as they always leave such a nice and neat picture. I used MoYou Nails special White stamping polish, which is also one of my favourites as it stamps so nicely and actually stays white instead of ending up as a sheer see-through white after being stamped.
(Inside With Flash)
(Inside Without Flash)
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