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A Shi...pload of Me: Morning Skincare Routine

Hi Again You Gorgeous People!
I've decided to share my current skincare routine with y'all as it's working quite well for me at the mo, and i've been using products that i've recently found, and that others have told me aren't that great.
I always start my day with a shower, showering in the morning helps wake me up and make me feel slightly better about the coming day. Whilst i'm leaving my conditioner to work its way into my hair, I always carry out my skincare routine so that it has time to work its magic. I don't like heavy scented products, especially on my face, but these products all have such lovely subtle smells to them.

Lately, i've been starting with my facial scrub so that I can then cleanse and moisturise afterwards, just in case the product does try to dry my skin out. I've been using the Botanics Invigorating Face Scrub from their Shine Away range, despite being told my numerous people that Botanics isn't great and I should never try it, I love it! It definitely works for my skin. 

The Boots Botanics range was created in association with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, they are about using plant power and therefore do not include parabens or mineral oils in their products. So a large bonus to these products are that they are natural and that they have environmentally friendly packaging-they are supposed to be ethically responsible for sourcing raw materials in order to create their packaging, and are supposed to be made up of at least 25% recycled material. 

Botanics is a great budget drugstore brand for organic products, as organic and natural products tend to be on the pricier side. 

I bought this scrub as it's for oily/combination skin, which is the type I generally have at this time of year, and for saying it is to reduce excess oils in the skin, i've found it doesn't dry my skin out like many scrubs i've used previously. The smell to this is lovely and not too over the top, it has a subtle fruity/ floral smell which makes it invigorating and gives me a fresh start to the day. It also doesn't feel too rough like many facial scrubs, it has lovely little beads to get into all the pores.

As the packaging says, it does indeed buff away impurities, as i've seen a difference since I started to use this product in my daily routine. I don't generally have bad skin to begin with, but this has definitely helped to reduce any pores and impurities to practically non-existence. As I said, I do tend to use all of my skincare products daily to keep my skin looking squeaky clean, however, if I do feel like my skin is particularly sensitive on a certain day, I will omit the scrub from my routine.
£2.69 from Boots, although I got mine on 1/2 price and they are generally on 3 for 2.

The next product in my routine is Biores Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser, which has quickly become another new favourite of mine. I found it in the clearance section at work for £2, and then later found them even cheaper in the clearance at Wilkos for 50p-£2 each, so I had to stock up! I'm only on to my second bottle since last November.

I use a pea-sized amount of this each day over my nose and t-zone to help keep away and prevent blackheads-I've seen a big difference on nose since starting to use this product. 

The product uses a self-heating formula containing salicylic acid to cleanse away any remaining dirt or oil that has clung to my pores, and leaves me with significantly clearer skin. It give a lovely subtle warmth, so that you can tell it's working it's magic. It doesn't dry my skin out, although it is oil free. It is also hypo-allergenic. This also has a very subtle scent to it.
£3.49 from Amazon

The last product I use whilst waiting for my conditioner to work its magic, is Botanics Cleansing Foam Wash from their All Bright range for all skin types. Info about Botanics as a brand can be found above! I love their subtle and unique packaging designs, how simple but cute is the hibiscus flower?

Despite the picture below, this foaming wash does foam up a lot more, so much that I often get bubbles up my nose-no fun! Not too much to be a bubbly mess though! The more you use, the more foam, but you don't need an awful lot of the product to get a cleaner feeling.

As the foam wash is made up of plant extracts, it is supposed to provide you with brighter skin, I have not particularly noticed my skin looking brighter but maybe I should get others opinions on that! 

Unlike when I used to use the Simple foam washes, my skin does not dry out, and it feels a lot cleaner and smoother after using it. It makes me feel so refreshed after each use, and definitely removes any excess makeup left from the night before if I've been too lazy to carry out my nightly skincare routine!
£3.99 from Boots, although I got mine on 1/2 price and they are generally on 3 for 2.

After I dry off and have my contacts in ready for the day, I apply a small amount of No7's Dry Skin Rescue from their Beautiful Skin range. No7 is Boots own brand for higher end drugstore products and as such, they charge more for them! Currently, i'm trying them all out whilst I get staff discount, and i've found that if I do leave Boots in the future, there are definitely some of their products that I won't mind splurging on.

This is a very thick balm, that often gets stuck in the tube ':|, it leaves my skin feeling intensely hydrated. I only apply the smallest amount to between my eyes, my nose, and my chin as that's where I find that I have dry skin on the duller days. It's more of a deterrent, so that my skin remains feeling smooth and moisturised throughout the day, and so that my makeup doesn't dry it out.
It's formulated with cocoa and shea butters, and supposedly skin-loving vitamins and minerals in order for dry skin to be reduced significantly-it's great for all skin types, and is hypo-allergenic. I generally have to use this more during the autumn-winter months, as I don't tend to get much, if any, dry skin during the spring-summer.
£12 from Boots, but remember to use your £5 off No7 vouchers on them when they come about, or get them when they're on 3 for 2!

The last facial skincare product I use in my daily morning routine is a moisturiser, my current go to is No7's new Early Defence day cream. I love that No7 have finally decided to develop a range for the younger skincare lovers as they/we are now also putting our health and wellbeing at the top of our beauty agenda. You are NEVER too young to start thinking about your skin. The packaging on No7 products is always so simple, but to the point, I love the grey they've used for the rim, as i've found it a very 'in' colour this year amongst our age group.

The Early Defence products are designed for 20-35 year old women, their slogan is "Slow Mo Your Skin"-which I don't think totally goes, but hey-ho. It's designed with a unique double defence technology, in order to protect your skin from those environmental stresses of UV rays and pollution-which is great for us as we often spend a lot of time in the public; universities, public transport, etc. It also includes ingredients to help boost your skin's natural defences, such as, lipopeptides and vitamin A to help reduce those first appearances of lines.

The day cream also includes a 5* UVA and SPF protection, with an SPF15, which gives your skin an advanced protection from the daily ageing effects of the sun.
I've found this cream to be non-greasy and very hydrating throughout the day, and light enough for the summer months-nobody wants a heavy formula over summer. It also has a nice light citrusy fragrance to it.

Their 'Double Defence' formula contains:
- Ginseng and Mulberry, rich in polyphenols which are effective against superoxides produced in skin when exposed to sunlight or pollution
- Vitamin C, effective against ozone, which is formed from ultraviolet light and atmospheric electrical discharges
- Lipochroman and Vitamin E which are effective against singlet oxygen, an incredibly damaging free radical produced by UVA exposure
- Rice peptides and Alfalfa, which are effective inhibitors of age-accelerating enzymes (MMPs) in the skin. These enzymes are produced in the skin to help it remodel and repair after damage. They degrade breakdown fragments, playing the role of housekeepers and allowing proper repair to follow. In ageing, however, these enzymes become hyperactive breaking down healthy skin components such as collagen.

£19.50 from Boots, but remember to use your £5 off No7 vouchers on them when they come about, or get them when they're on 3 for 2!

What skincare products do you use daily? Will you be picking any of these up on your next shopping trip? - Danielle x
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