Monday, 18 May 2015

A Shi...pload of New Stuff: Latest Wick n Wax Haul

Hey there again, you gorgeous people!
I know, totally crazy, i'm back again so soon!
Another gorgeously colourful and nosegasmic haul from Wick n Wax.

I managed to snag one of the very limited edition Laundry sampler sets back in March which is a great set for Spring/Summer and I love them! :D - I fell in love with their laundry scents when my mum ordered loads of them!
I love the bright colours of these scent shots, and the smell of them are amazing, my family/friends say they can smell them when they enter my room even when they're not burning, bonus!
The freshness of this sample pack is amazing and the smell travels all through the house when my door is open, leaving a lasting scent that is fresh, crisp and clean.
I often half the scent shots to burn in periods, so that I don't use a certain scent shot up all at once or get used to the smell after it's burnt for a while, also, a few of my burners are oil burners from the pound shop so they don't hold as much.
£15 + £5.99 postage
 Look, I formed a pretty flower ^.^
Fruity LaundryApples, mango, pears, white roses and tiger lily
Tumbled Bedding - Orange blossoms, apple slices, grapes, magnolia & violet
Dryer SheetsViolet, roses and orange and musk
Summer FreshWild lilies, sweet jasmine & violets
Lemon LaundryFresh sliced lemon, lime zests, baby powder & African violet
Hawaiian BreezeFresh coconut, white musk, kaffir lime and lemons
Lime BreezeZesty lime, waterlily, sweet amber and musk
Watermelon WhitesFruity watermelon, vanilla, rose & jasmine
Summer LineRipe raspberries, fresh greenery, rose & lavender
Apricot Linens Apricot nectar, mandarin orange and cotton blossoms

 I also ordered a load of other wax melts that I loved the sound of, and absolutely loved the scent of once they arrived! Another great thing about Wick n Wax is the presentation, look how lovely Tracey makes them all look! The glitter, the hearts, the colours, nosegasm!
Through experimentations, I've found that I love the smell of the sweets, drinks, and dupes of lush or perfumes the best.
I also love the bonus that Tracey generally includes a couple of samples with each order so that people try scents that they may not ordinarily try, I've fallen in love with a few more scents this way!
The scent shots cost £1.50 each and are all definitely worth it! They last for about 5 full tealight burns.
Baby Bedtime BathRelaxing bedtime blend of lavender, chamomile, mandarin and neroli
Cola BottlesFizzy cola bottle scent (bit self explanatory ;))
Jam DoughnutSweet fried dough dusted with vanilla sugar filled with delicious strawberry jam topped with tiny puffs of powdered sugar
Mango MadnessFresh, ripe mango
Lollipop Raspberry and vanilla chewy lollipops
Parma VioletJust like those floral purple sweets
Perfect PeachRipe juicy peaches
PlumeriaBeautiful Hawaiian flower, jasmine, rose, apple & lilac
Comfort ZoneBlackcurrant, bergamot & cypress (Lush Dupe)
AlienNotes of bright melon and sparkling mandarin are mixed with orange blossom, star jasmine & rose
Honeysuckle Lane - A seductive warm blend of chinese honeysuckle, orchid and white patchouli
Dove Just like the soap
Wham BarChewy strawberry fizzy bar
Dr PepperJust like the drink, spicy orange, cherry, toasted almond, clove and cinnamon (Really does smell like the drink)
Endless LoveApple, rose, and ylang ylang on a woody base (Victoria's Secret dupe) 
Plum Pudding - Ripe sweet plum with spices
Laundry RoomNeroli, watermelon & jasmine floral fabric softener scent
I love Wick n Wax way more than Yankee, as Yankee melts make me ill and lightheaded.
Also, if you want to keep up to date with their products and find out when limited edition packs are being made, remember to request to join Tracey's Facebook group.

Do you own any Wick n Wax? Do they appeal to you? or Do you have any recommendations of their scents or other brands?
- Danielle x

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