Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Shi...pload of Me: 20 Random Facts About Me!

Hey Guys!

Here's another 20 random facts about myself, I challenge anyone who reads this to post 20 facts about themselves. If you do so, send me a link so I can see :)
See my last 20 facts here.

1. I am a VERY picky eater

2. My bedroom is an organised mess

3. I own nearly 1000 nail polishes

4. My hair care routine = washing and conditioning it every day, and brushing it

5. I take a lot of photographs of everything

6. I get emotionally invested in television programmes, and would rather watch them than movies

7. I have a yellow budgie called Sweetie

8. I spend a lot of time on social media

9. I'm very shy in person, even though my confidence grew one hell of alot whilst I worked at the airport

10. The only makeup I wear on a daily basis is eyeliner and mascara

11. I have a lot of moustache inspired products, and most of them were sent to me by friends (I don't actually remember how it started)

12. I spent every day for months in the chat of TheNerdMachine.com and made some internet friends that I could never live without now

13. I have a new obsession with Wick n Wax candles, they smell amazing

14. I have a phobia of deep water, if I can't touch the floor, I panic

15. If I could, I would live in my pyjamas constantly-they're so freaking comfy

16. I actually like the colour of my eyes, but eyes in general freak me out

17. I had my own indie polish brand for about half a year, but had to give it up due to time constraints

18. I generally don't wear earrings, but I've had my ears pierced since I was 7

19. I broke my leg when I was 6; my cousins couldn't make it over on my birthday, so they came a couple of days later-we were all in the garden, and I did the splits on roller skates. I didn't cry much, so I didn't end up going to the hospital until the next day when I couldn't walk on it

20. I joined twitter to follow the celebrities from Chuck, when I was 16 and have made a whole bunch of new friends in the last 4 years

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