Sunday, 12 October 2014

Oh Shi...p! A New Review: Zoella Beauty Bag

Hey Lovelies!
Last week I signed up to become a Beauty Blogger for Product Testing UK, and I was sent the new Zoella Beauty Bag to review, which I picked up from the Post Office yesterday morning (it was too big to fit through the letterbox when we were out!)

I think the majority of the blogasphere or youtube watchers know of Zoella and her success, she's also recently launched her own beauty brand with a range of products in Superdrug stores and on Feel Unique.
p.s. If you are a beauty blogger and would like to honestly review a range of beauty products, sign up to Beauty Product Testing!

- You can pick up the Zoella Beauty Bag in Superdrug stores, on their website or on Feel Unique's website for £8.00.
- There are also a number of other new Zoella products available for purchase, including a pink beauty bag with a guinea pig on.

The Zoella Beauty Bag is a lovely minty green colour, with sporadically placed powdery pink spots, and an outline of Zoe's eyes.
My first impressions were that the colour was lovely, eye catching and different. Personally, I have to admit that I would prefer it without the eye outline; I think Zoella has stunning eyes, but an outline like this totally creeps me out (eyes scare me), if I had seen this when I was looking round in class or late at night, I would freak out. 
I've asked my friends opinions too, half of them say that it'd creep them out and the other half say it's gorgeous-so to each their own.

It's a fairly large beauty bag, which I would use as more of a wash bag than an actual makeup bag-I don't use much makeup and definitely don't carry it with me-but when I go on holiday, I use bags like this to carry everything; contact lenses, perfume, etc. and would definitely come in handy for travelling! It does say that it is a beauty bag/ pencil case, but I don't know how much people take to school with them nowadays, but I made sure I only carried the smallest amount possible, no way would I have carried something this big for makeup or stationary-this was probably the size of my normal bag!

The actual measurements are approximately: 11cm(H), 18cm(W), & 9.5cm(D)

The zip has powdery pink lining, and goldish teeth.

The inside of the bag is a browny-beigey-pink, the outside is 100% PVC, whereas the inside is 100% Polyester-It makes it an easy clean; and is wipe clean only. As a makeup/beauty bag, I think this is a bonus, if you're anything like me, you will often get residue and fingerprints on the bag!

So personally, I love the colour and the pattern, the wipe clean surface is a big bonus and the size is generous for those who carry a lot of makeup around daily or for travelling or for those who would use it as a washbag (like myself), and the eye outlines are an acquired taste. I personally believe the price is a bit high, but what do I know?-I own about 10 wash bag/beauty bags, none of which were purchased by myself-I seem to receive them as presents so I guess people believe I need to do something about my face? ha....

**Product sent for honest review from Product Testing UK**
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