Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Shi...pload of New Stuff: Forever 21 Haul

Hey Loves!
I placed my first Forever 21 order the other week, I'd found a rare 10% off code and really wanted some quirky pj's. I then perused the website and found a bunch of accessories that I wanted to try and placed an order!

I bought these two packs of hair ties-mostly for the top two in each, I think the quotes are adorable. These hair ties can be worn on the wrist or as a bobble/elastic in your hair-I've found that they get totally screwed up in hair and they wouldn't keep mine in place, the glitter ones will never be used-I've refused to put glitter hair products in my hair ever since I was younger and got a glitter elastic stuck because the glitter wrapped around my hair and wouldn't come out....
Black/Pink Graphic and Glitter Hair Tie Set - £1.50
Pink/Cream Believe Hair Tie Set - £1.50

The pack of two hair combs was a must, I love the colours and pattern. I usually only pay about 10p each for these combs and I replace them quite regularly, but I couldn't resist the pattern!
I chose this shade of the lip gloss, as it was the only one with a shimmer to it. Edit: I've just tried this, and it has the worst application, EVER! - It's streaky, thick, tastes funny and gets EVERYWHERE :(
I have a necklace that goes with these elephant earrings, they're adorable and I couldn't resist this cute bargain!
YAY! A cute travel sized lint roller, I'm going to put this in my bag! I love the pattern-some of you might know my obsession with Paris-I love it and the mint colour is lovely! I love how it was only a £1 and also came with a replacement head.
I bought the nail file and cuticle trimmer for the cuticle trimmer alone, I usually buy them in a nail tool pack from Fragrance Direct but they don't have them any more, so I was relieved to see them on Forever 21, I won't use the nail file though-I generally use the metal ones.
Pack of Two Spotty Combs - £1.00 (No longer available)
Fuchsia High Shine Lip Gloss - £1.50
Gold/Clear Rhinestone Elephant Studs - £2.50
Mint/White Paris Print Mini Lint Roller - £1.00

I don't generally wear hats nowadays, I used to live in a baseball cap when I was younger and I wear caps on holiday in the pool, but I don't wear autumn/winter hats as they usually have a stupid extra hat on top, you know what I mean, those oversized hats that look like I could fit a siamese twin in there with me! But I saw these two hats and decided they looked smaller and I had to try-so glad I did! I'm in love with the knitted grey and pink hat, with the bobble on top-the bobble isn't too heavy or large and not to sound vain, but I think it suits me! This will be the hat that i'll wear when going out and about shopping for xmas things!
Grey/Light Pink Braided Knit Beanie - £7.00

In this hat, I think I look like a thug, but hey ho, it doesn't have extra room and it covers my ears. It will be a go to when I walk my dog on the cold autumn/winter days. It doesn't pull over my glasses either, bonus!
Black Ribbed Knit Beanie - £5.00

I'm a hippie! I don't think I'll probably wear this too often, I wash my hair every day and it was apparently too silky to keep it in place :/ especially when I put my hair in a ponytail, it came straight out of place. Does anyone have any tips to keep it in place?
Cream Dainty Crochet Floral Headband - £2.40

I love these two simple bows, they're large, but not too big for my head. They work as quick ways to liven up my hair for the day and still look pretty simple. I chose the dusty pink and light blue so that they would stand out properly against my hair and compliment my hair colour. I'm generally either a hair down, or hair in a ponytail girl on a daily basis so this is different.
Dusty Pink Iconic Bow Barrette - £1.00
Light Blue Iconic Bow Barrette - £1.00

These little bows are definitely effective, cute and simple, they don't take a lot of hair, but they take enough to liven it up. I love the adorable patterns that they offer!
(No longer available) Other packs of 3 Small Bows - £2.00-2.40

I'm always replacing my foot file, and love that this one is 4in1, it will definitely come in handy and was a bargain!
These socks are adorable and quirky! I love the cute little french toasts, do you get the pun?! aha
Pink/Black Foot File - £1.50 (No longer available)
Cream/Red French Toast Ankle Socks - £1.50
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