Monday, 29 September 2014

Castle Nails

Hey Loves! (:
Double post today, I've spent the last couple of hours doing these nails ready for the Castle premiere tonight! I'm a total fangirl, and wanted to get these done. Took me a while cause I kept getting ill :(, but hey ho they're done now!
Does anyone else watch Castle? I mean, last seasons finale D:, I need to know why they did that to us again.

I started with two coats of Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 'Lychee' which is a lovely beige'y colour, I did have to add some polish thinner as it had gotten quite gloopy-I have used it a lot though and had it for a while now. Bonus was it still dries pretty quickly and has a lovely shiny finish.
 (Inside With Flash)

I then used multiple techniques and materials to create art, inspired by Castle! :)
(Inside With Flash)
 (Inside Without Flash)

"You Want Me To Hold It While You Tie Your Shoe?"

"Next Time, Let's Do It Without the Tiger"

"My Safeword is Apples"


"I got this special order. Cool, Huh?"

"Three armed cops and a writer makes four"

Castle: Let me borrow your magnifying glass.
Beckett: I don't have a magnifying glass.
Castle: Isn't that standard issue for detectives?
Beckett: No, not since Sherlock Holmes.

"You Smell Like Cherries"

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