Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Shi...pload of New Stuff: First Wick n Wax Haul

Hey Loves!
So, I needed something to make my room smell nicer and I came across Wick n Wax on Instagram. The prices seemed reasonable and I finally placed an order! 
The teddies are adorable and everything smells freaking amazing! I've found that Tracey generally sends a couple of samples with each order too, which is so nice! :)

Wick n Wax is a UK company which was founded in 2000, and has been around since. They make all of their candles from 100% soy wax and their wax tarts are made with a parasoy blend.
They hand pour all of their candles, and inspect each before wrapping. The turnaround is quick and the products are flawless, showing a professional company with amazing customer service-they make them up on order as hardly any of them are pre-made.

I've copied the scent descriptions from their site scent list which can be found here.

The turn around on Wick n Wax is generally 10 days as they are handmade.
They also ship internationally.
Boo Berry - Blueberry, vanilla, strawberries and sugar

I have never burnt candles or wax tarts before and therefore needed to invested in a burner, too. I chose the black heart cut out burner as the white was out of stock at the time. It's so nice and easy to clean and use. Also, in the dark, the light from the candle comes through the hearts and creates a lovely atmosphere.

For my first order, I chose 5 teddies of scents I thought I would like. They're adorable and I don't think I want to burn them! lol, I love how they're all different colours too.

Smells just like cherries, I love the smell of cherries!
Black Cherry -  Knock your socks off strong black cherry with a hint of marzipan

I placed the order not long after my birthday and used some of my birthday money, so I thought i'd celebrate with Birthday Cake. I'm so freaking glad I chose it, it's my favourite and definitely the most dominating scent out of the ones I ordered. It smells like a little bakery and that's without even burning it.
Birthday Cake - Sweet fluffy sponge with creamy butter icing

This smells so much like an amazing bakery!
Apricot Cream Puff - Freshly baked puff pastry filled with sweet apricot filling 

I thought I'd get at least one halloween scent whilst placing my order, i'm not sure if i'll be able to afford another order for a while as I ordered the Wizard of Oz pack too.
Toffee Apple - Granny Smith apple topped with buttery caramel and toffee 

Next to Birthday Cake, this is my second favourite. It's a lovely melony-fruity scent and i'm in love!
Melon Muddle - Watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe

I also ordered 2 Mini Loafs, I ordered Banana Cheesecake as I love the smell of banana, it soothes me, which is weird and i'm glad I did, it's lovely. I also ordered hot chocolate and marshmallow so that I could burn it as the autumn weather and the dark nights draw in.

Hot Chocolate - Rich hot chocolate with marshmallows

Banana Cheesecake  (In house blend) - Sweet cream butter, vanilla, sweet milk and cream cheese over poured with fresh banana

With my order, I received 2 samples. I've already burnt the boo berry buttons and they smelt divine (I burnt 3 buttons and I managed to get 3 tealights out of them, lasting over 4 days) and i'm now burning my pink sugar sample; i'm not as keen on this one but I do still like it, it has a subtle hint of sugar to it.
Pink Sugar -  Cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, bergamot, strawberry, plum and fig leaves

My lovely new tart burner at work!

I found these better than Yankees, as Yankees make me sick by just me smelling them. I find them too pungent, whereas WicknWax are great and don't make me feel ill, bonus!
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