Friday, 30 May 2014

UK Blog Sale

Hey Loves,
Thought it'd be easier doing it this way!

Postage to UK only (sorry)
Prices under the photos do not include postage costs
£3 p+p for up to 4 items, buyer will need to send payment through friends/family paypal

First come first serve
Please email me with a list to;
I'll get back to you asap.

Soap and Glory Super Volume Mascara Superjet Black, SandG SOLD, SandG (All New, Unsealed) - £4 each
Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara (New and Sealed) - £3.50

Rimmel Scandeleyes Retro Glam (New, Unsealed) - £4
I Love... Strawberries and Milkshake Lipgloss (New and Sealed) - 50p
Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner; Funky Violet (New and Sealed) - £2 

Soap and Glory XL Lip Plumping Gloss; Pink Out Loud (Both New, Unboxed) - £4 each

MUA; Great Lips (New and Sealed) - 50p

Soap and Glory; Face Massage Mini Mitt (New and Boxed) - £2.50
Soap and Glory; Hand Food, Hand Food SOLD (Both New, Unsealed) Full Size - £2.50 each

Nails Inc; Walton Place, Porchester Place, Westbourne Grove, Ladbroke (All New) - £3 each

Nails Inc; Piccadilly Circus, Victoria (Both New) - £3 each

Nails Inc; Glamour Glitter (New) - £4
Royal Mews (Holo) (Swatched) - £4
Chester (Feathers) (Used Once) - £3

Bloop, Michelle (Both unnamed, used by someone else) - £2 each
Layla; Mermaid Spell, Invogue; Domination (Both Swatched) - £1.75 each

Barry M (All New); Chocolate (discontinued) SOLD, Fuchsia, Navy - £2 each
Jewel Britannia (Ltd Ed) - £2.75

Barry M; Crystal Glaze, Matte Liquorice (Both New) - £2.25 each

Barry M; Princess, Majesty, Lady, Duchess, Countess, Countess (All New) - £2.25 each

Seventeen; Bluetone, Monochrome (Both New) - £1.50 each
L.A. Colors; Green Tea, Gold Nugget (Both New) - £1 each

Revlon; Punk, Tuscan Sun, Aloof, Emerald, Blue Lagoon, Tangerine (All Swatched) - 75p each

Spoiled; Cougar Attack, Designated Driver (Both New) - 75p each
Orly; Unlawful (New) - £2
China Glaze; Budding Romance (Used by someone else) - £2 

Sinful Colors; Bianca, Irish Green (SW), Last Chance, Cuticle Oil SOLD - 75p each

OPI; Serena Glam Slam (New) - £1.50
Nothin Mousie Bout It (New) - £3.50
If You Moust, You Moust (New) - £3.50

OPI; Red Shatter, Pink Shatter (Swatched By Someone Else) - 75p each
OPI minis; The Impossible, Can't Let Go (Both Swatched) - 50p each 

Essie; Bazooka (New), Capri (New) SOLD, Avenue Maintain (Used Once) SOLD, Lights (New) SOLD - £1.50 each

Models Own; Aqua Violet Beetle Juice (Used Once), Gold (Unlabelled, New), Pro; Aqua (New) - £1 each

Color Club; Wish Upon A Rock Star (SW) - £1
Fly With Me (Unlabelled, New) - £2.50
Unlabelled Greeny Yellow (New) - £1.50

Color Club; Warhol SOLD, Poptastic SOLD, Almost Famous (All Swatched) - £1.50 each SOLD
Puccilicious (New) - £2 SOLD

Rimmel; Sea Green, Jaded Glamour (Both New) - £1.50 each
Hot Shot (Used Once) - 50p
Disco Ball (New) - £1.50

NYC; Midtown, Spring Street, High Line Green SOLD, Backstage Brown, Bowery Black, Pinstripe White (All Used) - 50p each

MUA; Pistachio Ice Cream SOLD, Mud Pie, Shade 11 (Silver) (All New) - 50p each

Champneys; Plum, Flamingo, Raspberry, Shadow (All Swatched) - £1 each

Sally Hansen; Fairy Teal SOLD, Thinking of Blue, Terracotta - 75p each
Yellow Kitty (Swatched) - 50p

Sally Hansen; The Skies the Limit (Swatched) SOLD - 50p
Buttercup SOLD, Buttercup (Both New) - 75p each
Polar Bare (Swatched) - 50p

Sally Hansen; Himalayan Blue (Swatched) - 50p
He Loves Me Not (New) - £1
Gray By Gray, Pat on the Black (New) - 75p each

Sally Hansen; Grass Slipper, Without a Stitch SOLD, Fog (All Swatched) - 50p each

Sally Hansen; Resolution, Lite, Starlet (Swatched) - 50p each

Sally Hansen Color Quicks, (all but the blue are unused) - 50p each, blue - 30p

Tesco All About Nails; Sorbet SOLD, Bellini, Lavender, Mint Snow SOLD, Bronze (All Swatched) - 10p each

Miss Sporty; Unnamed purple, unnamed pink (Both Swatched) - 50p each
Unnamed metal flip - 75p
VIE; Bedazzled (Swatched) - 50p

Northern Star; Sunburst (Swatched by Someone Else) - £4 SOLD
Pumpkinlicious (Swatched By Someone Else) - £4 
Darling Diva Polish; Carrie SOLD, Pumpkin Queen SOLD (Both New) - £5 each

Dollish Polish Minis; Material Girl SOLD, Pop Rocks SOLD, Care Bear Stare, Crystal Empire (All New) - £4 each
Dollish Polish FS; Spectral Pup (Swatched) - £6 SOLD

Pretty and Polished; Candy Corn (Orange - Yellow Thermal) (Used Once) - £4
Colores de Carol; Blizzard (Swatched By Someone Else) SOLD - £3.50
Nail Pattern Boldness; Is Someone Loving You? (Swatched) SOLD - £5
Dollish Polish; That's So Fetch! (Used Once) SOLD - £4
Candeo Colors; Melonball (Swatched) SOLD - £4

Dollish Polish; Somethings Up With Jack (Used Once Each by Someone Else, Need Shaking) - £4
Hylian Princess SOLD (Used Once Each by Someone Else, Need Shaking) - £4
Romeo (ltd ed 110) (Used Once by Me) - £5 SOLD
Lush Lacquer mini; Pinky Swear Your a Star thermal (Used Once) - £3 SOLD
Jindie Nails; Juliet (Used Once) - £5.50 SOLD
Pretty and Polished; Butterfly Garden thermal (Used Once) - £5 SOLD

Lush Lacquer mini; Mr. Bubble (New) - £4
Jindie Nails; Fantastical (Used Once) - £6
Iconic Effect; Haunted House (Used Once) - £3
Unnamed Grass Glitter - £1

Jindie Nails minis; Strawberry Cupcake, Barbies Have More Fun (I think they're both Swatched) - £2 each
Indy's Indies (Unlabelled); Party Pooper, What Am I Doing Here? (Both Swatched) - £1 each

Jindie Nails; Princess Breath (Used By Someone Else) - £7 SOLD
Unnamed nns - 75p
NOX; Twilight 75p
Indy's Indies; Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Used Once) - £1 

Essence; High Spirits (Swatched By Someone Else) - 50p
Mavala; Candy Floss - 50p SOLD
Cupcake Nails, Unnamed pink heart glitter SOLD, unnamed blue glitter (Both New) - 25p each 

Boots Ticket To Gorgeous Nails (All Swatched) - 25p each

Superdrug Hello Kitty; Meltdown (New) - £1
Claires Accessories; Unnamed green (price label covers the name) (New) - £1
Angelica; Iced Sorbet, Peppermint - 50p each

SNB; unnamed (Swatched By Someone Else) - 50p
LCN; Magnetic Polish w/o magnet - 25p
Sasatinnie; unnamed - 25p
Etude House; Pink Prism (New) - 50p

Serum No5; Thanks for the Memories, Call it a Treuse (Boxes got a bit polish-damaged) - £2.50 each
BYS; Wonderland - 50p

Ciate; Boudoir - 75p
Maybelline; 761 (Dark Green) (New) - 50p
2true; Shade no. 44 (Swatched), Shade no. 14 (new) - 50p each 

Hits; Golden Disco Glitter, Dochino (Both Swatched by Someone Else) - £1 each
L.A. Colors Stiper; Baby Pink - £1
Revlon Duos; Moon Candy Galactic, French Art Sweet Revenge (Both New) - £2 each

Sally Hansen; Double Duty Basecoat (Used) - 20p
Dry Kwik (Swatched) - 50p
Avon; Freeze Dry Spray (New, I bought too many, I have one and it's lasting me forever), Freeze Dry Spray SOLD - £2.50 each

Konad; TC (Used Once) - 50p
Rimmel; Clearly Clear (New) SOLD - 75p 
I Love Layla; TC - 25p
Andrea Fulerton; Undercoat - 50p

Rimmel; Matte Topcoat (Discontinued, Used - Fill line visible) - £3 SOLD
NYC; Matte Topcoat (New) - £2
Miss Sporty; Glossy Tech TC (Used) - 50p
Essence; Glow in the Dark topcoat, Gel-look topcoat (Both New) - £1 each

Emily de Molly; Cosmic Forces (Used Once) - £7.50 SOLD
Pretty and Polished; Popples (Used Once, Fill Line Visible) - £4.50 SOLD
Darling Diva; G-Spot (New) - £6
I Love NP; Clown Business (New) - £6 SOLD

Sally Hansen; Time to Shine (New) - 75p
MUA; Bold Blue (New) - 50p
Revlon; Grapefruit Fizz (Scented, Used Once) - £1
Sally Hansen; Spectrum (New) - 75p

Kleancolor; Blind Date (Star Glitter, New) - £1.50
Kleancolor; Twinkly Love (Heart Glitter, New) - £1.50
L.A Colors; Sassy Sparkle (New) - £1
Sally Hansen; Shiny Penny (New) - 75p 

Postage costs on nail plates to be confirmed.
Stamping Plates (All unprotected, most unused) - 50p each SOLD
 Bundle Monster 2011: BM11, BM16, BM17, BM18 SOLD
 Bundle Monster 2011: BM19, BM20, BM21 SOLD
 Bundle Monster 2012: BM-206, 208, 209 SOLD
 Bundle Monster 2012: BM-211, 212, 215, 216 SOLD
 Bundle Monster 2012: BM-217, 218, 219, 220 SOLD
 Bundle Monster 2013: BM-303, 324, 325 SOLD
 Cheeky: Gals GA20, 24, 25 SOLD
Cheeky: Gals GA44, 49, 50 SOLD
 Cheeky: CH30, 34, 35 SOLD
Cheeky: CH49, 55 SOLD

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  1. Hi there, can I just check that your blog sale is up to date? There is quite a few polishes that I would like x


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