Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cosmic Glow

Hi again lovelies! :)
Squee, look at the sparkles! I'm in love! I personally don't like it as much as Neptune Sea, but that might be because I rushed this one (had to go babysit) and didn't get the magnet to line up as well :(, but the finished mani is still pretty - in my opinion anyway ;).

I wasn't keen on Cosmic Glow on its own, this is one coat without the magnetic effect. CG is a dark foresty green with a pretty, subtle multi glitter finish though; you can see some of the sparkles come through. It was very thick and streaky, it seemed very pigmented and like it was made from too much mica (like something I accidentally made when I first started making my own polishes)
One Coat Without Magnetic Effect
(Inside With Flash)
(Inside Without Flash)

One coat of Sally Hansen 'Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat' - £1.50 from Fragrance Direct
- Two coats of Barry Ms Magnetic 'Cosmic Glow' - £4.99 from Barry M
- One coat of Glisten and Glow (HK Girl) 'Fast Drying a Super Shiny Clear Topcoat' - £6.55 from Rainbow Connection

I really liked how that when the magnetic effect was applied, the multi glitter become so much more visible. This is two coats of CG with the magnet, the chevrons on this magnet where harder to line up on my nail than the regular stripes I used with Neptune Sea - my little finger just seemed to go dark and get all the multi glitter which since it's pretty, i'm not even that bothered about lol but my index finger just looks like a mini wave.
Two Coats With Magnetic Effect
(Inside With Flash)
(Inside Without Flash)

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  1. I like it with and without the magnetic effect. Pretty green! :)


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