Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Cloudy Skies!

Hey Lovelies!
Sorry about the absence lately, I've had so much uni work to do (still do)! 
I wore Cloudy Skies over the weekend and still couldn't decide whether I liked it or not by the time I took it off!
I apologise for the state of my hands in some of these pics!
I received my Lush Lacquer/ Polish Me Silly haul last week and couldn't wait to try my thermals!

Cloudy Skies is a grey thermal polish that goes between shades of grey (hehe) and has two different sizes of silver dots, and numerous black glitters! 
It applied really nicely and I only had to fish for a couple of dots to even out the mani. It goes from a dark to a light grey and has a lovely gradient effect when it's mid change!

- One thin coat of Essence's 'Peel Off Base Coat' - £4 from Sally Magpies
- Two coats of Lush Lacquer's 'Cloudy Skies' - £6.27ish from Polish Me Silly
- One coat of Glisten and Glow (HK Girl) 'Fast Drying a Super Shiny Clear Topcoat' - £6.55 from Rainbow Connection
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