Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey Lovelies!
So I missed Breast Cancer Awareness month this year, it just seemed to end. It went so fast! 
So I'm getting my MOvember nails done early so I don't miss it. 
So here ya go, my crappy moustache stamped nails! I've not stamped in weeks/months so I could not get these right to save my life :(. 

I started with two coats of L.A. Colors Color Craze 'Sea Siren' that I found the other week in my local drug store for £1. Bargain, this colour is an amazing tealy kind of colour (darker and slightly less green than the photos show), I just couldn't manage to get an accurate photo of the colouring :/. So yes, I totally failed today. 
Sea Siren applied really nicely, opaque with two coats and definitely worth the £1 I spent. It's gorgeous in person! I'm in love :). 
(Inside With Flash)
(Inside Without Flash)

- One coat of Sally Hansen 'Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat'
- Two coats of L.A. Colors Color Craze 'Sea Siren' - £1.00 from Local Drug Store
- Stamping with QA28 - $1.99 from Born Pretty Store
- Stamping with Konad Special Polish 'Black' - £5.00 from Funtica

 I then used Konad's Special Polish 'Black' to stamp moustaches over Sea Siren, using Born Pretty Store's AQ28 that cost $1.99. Such cute little stamps, with different styles of moustaches in different sizes so that they fit each nail. If I tried harder to be precise, they'd look a lot cuter! 
(Inside With Flash)
(Inside Without Flash)


  1. This looks so cute! I love Sea Siren, it's such a bright cheerful blue, and I think your stamping looks great!

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