Monday, 21 October 2013

Haunted House!

Hey Lovelies! :)

I'm starting my Halloween manis now, I have a lot of polishes that are from Halloween collections and some new stamping plates. I'll probably still be using them after Halloween because I'm starting a little late :p
First up is Iconic Effect's 'Haunted House', over Avon Nailwear Pro+'s 'Divine Lime'.

Before applying Avon 'Divine Lime', I applied one coat of white as lately any green polish I have used has stained my nails! Divine Lime probably would've needed more than two coats for full opacity if it wasn't applied over white. I love avon polish brushes, the brush width is great! DL is a lovely lime green polish with a goldy green shimmer to it. 
 (Inside With Flash)
 (Inside Without Flash)

- One thin coat of Essence's 'Peel Off Base Coat' - £4 from Sally Magpies
- Two coats of Avon nailwear pro+ 'Divine Lime' - £2.99 from Avon
- One coat of Iconic Effect 'Haunted House' - £5.50 from Iconic Effect
- One coat of Glisten and Glow (HK Girl) 'Fast Drying a Super Shiny Clear Topcoat' - £6.55 from Rainbow Connection

I then used one coat of Iconic Effect's 'Haunted House' which is a lovely mix of orange, green and purple shreds, purple hexes, fine green glitter and black stars. It reminds me of Scooby Doo, especially over Divine Lime. I think it's because the Mystery Machine is half limeish colour!
Haunted House applied really nicely, only had to fish for the stars. It gave nice even coverage of glitter and is definitely suitable for Halloween! I love it, even with the amount of purple glitter it contains!
(Inside With Flash)
(Inside Without Flash)

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  1. I'm in love with this Avon polish. Love all the lime shades and a pinch of sparking molecules makes a real difference here!


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