Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Unicorn Farted in my Polish!

Hey Lovelies! (:
So sorry for the three weeks of silence. I've been super busy and super lazy when it comes to doing my nails *blush*. 
I've actually been spending time developing my own UK Indie Brand; Indy's Indies (named after my dog India (Indy)) which will be launching later this year :). 
Anyway, back to my mani! 

Back to the last three weeks, I originally used AUFimP the other week for my 20th birthday but didn't get around to taking photos, so I thought i'd use it again :).

My amazing best friend and brother's lovely girlfriend know me so well!
My bestie got me a fabulous new tee -
and my brother's girlfriend got me some amazing new neon polish stripers!
I got other great things for my b'day too, including a family meal at an amazing all you can eat restaurant (Cosmo) that serves so many different kinds of food! Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, European, Mexican, etc & so many amazing desserts :P. 

So I couldn't find a polish that I wanted to use as an undie (yes, I have problems. I seriously couldn't find one in my collection of over 600 to use), so I created my own ;). 
 (Inside Without Flash)
(Inside With Flash)

- Two thin coats of piCture pOlish 'Revolution' - £10 from Sally Magpies
- Two coats of my own base colour
- One coat of Dollish Polish 'A Unicorn Farted in my Polish' - $10 from Dollish Polish 
- One coat of Seche Vite 'Fast Dry Top Coat' - £5.49 from Amazon

Aaaargh, I'm totally in love with AUFimP! It has everything; stars, hearts, moons, squares, rectangles, and hexes. The shapes vary in size and colours; pink, orange, green, blue, yellow and white. The polish has a blue/pink shimmer to the base which makes it even prettier. It applied really nicely and since there was so much glitter, I didn't have to do much fishing, if any. I only had to apply one coat for coverage over the base colour. The pictures don't do it justice! 
 (Inside Without Flash)
(Inside With Flash)


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