Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pea Soup!

Hey Lovelies! (:
Sorry, I've hardly posted lately, I've been super busy this week! Been babysitting to make money for more nail polish ;) and I passed my second year of uni! (meaning I can reward myself with new polish) :D.
So I finally ordered a couple of the lovely Iconic Effect (a new indie brand from Scotland) polishes; Pea Soup and Princess Drops and they arrived the other day, I applied 'Pea Soup' yesterday and it's so lovely!
It's a pastel greeny blue polish with pink and blue glitters. There are tiny glitters in both colours, slightly bigger blue hexes and even bigger pink hexes. 
I have to say, I'm in love with the bottle. It's so cute and unique! and the label design is so chic!

It applied like a dream, not too thick or too thin. I did a bit of glitter placement but didn't have to do any fishing - they were just jumping on my brush ;). I applied two coats, and the polish became opaque but I think three would've been better and made it slightly darker. 
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- One coat of Sally Hansen's 'Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat' - £1.49 from B&M Bargains
- Two coats of Iconic Effects 'Pea Soup' - £6.50 from Iconic Effect
- One coat of Seche Vite 'Fast Dry Top Coat' - £5.49 from Amazon

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