Thursday, 6 June 2013


Hi, lovelies!
So this was actually supposed to be yesterday's post but I was super busy. 
Last Thursday the lovely Darling Diva did a facebook competition, for 5 people to win two of her not yet released polishes from the upcoming Madonna collection. These were 'Pretender' and 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore', I was actually lucky enough to be one of the five to be randomly chosen to win them :D, they arrived yesterday morning; which took less than a week! 
I'm in love with Pretender, the pretty thermal. The pictures below were taken this evening, but the polish was applied yesterday morning. There's a crack on my pinkie finger cause I got it trapped in my baby nieces carrier, please ignore it! :P

This polish and the rest of the Madonna collection are set to be released from Darling Diva's etsy store this Sunday (09/06/2013). DDP's lovely 'Pretender' is a gorgeous blue-y purple colour when cold and has different sized and different shades of pink dots/disks. 
It applied really nicely, right consistency and I didn't have to do any glitter placement, but if you want the dots evenly spaced out then you'll probably just need to move them around a little. :)

- One coat of piCture pOlish 'Revolution'
- Two coats of the Darling Diva 'Pretender', but I think it'd look better and less streaky when warm as 3 coats. It was a bit difficult to see the result as it was warm when I applied it and it was going on white, that's the downside to this lovely weather ;).
- One coat of Seche Vite 'Fast Dry Top Coat' 

It took me a while to photograph this at its' dark colour as I couldn't get my hands to go cold, so ignore my wet hands as it's the only way I could keep the colour!
In between hot and cold, it goes to a lovely baby blue which is the shade it was in the bottle when it arrived. 
When body temperature is warmer, 'Pretender' goes to a white colour and allows all the dots/disks to be completely visible from both the coats of polish that had been applied. 

 Close Up Of Thumb




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