Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pretty & Polished - May Flowers

Hey Guys!

May Flowers is one of the lovely thermal polishes available from Pretty & Polished, an American indie brand. Probably my favourite thermal, not only is it a lovely colour (both normally and warmed up), but it has cute little flowers in too and different coloured hex's. :)

Cold Temperature = Lovely Green Blue (Turquoise-ish) colour. 
Warm/ Hot Temperature = Whiteish colour that shows all the glitter from the first coat too. 
- Two thin coats of pIcture pOlish Revolution

Ignore the little cracks and the gluey residue around my nails, I tried to apply piCture pOlish 'Revolution' before applying Pretty & Polished 'May Flowers' but I don't think I allowed enough time for it to dry and I can't get the extra around my nails to come off without peeling it all :/.
I'm glad this is so pretty cause I ended up paying £11.50 for customs, so just an FYI if you order from Pretty & Polished, only order two bottles at a time (which comes under the £15 goods vat chargey thing) if you're not willing to pay customs when they arrive.


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